There’re so many questions for myself.

Where to go? What to do? Or where do I actually want to go? What do I really want to do in my life? Too many questions relating to my own life in my mind. Unfortunately I’m unable to answer them not because these questions are philosophically deep or too vague to be answered, simply because there’s no right answers to them, I feel. That brings me to conclude that what I should do this time is just do whatever I can do now. So I’ll list up my current blueprint like plan for a year.

Big picture for a year.

  • Become more knowledgeable about computer science, math and statistics.
  • Use English as much as possible (by the way my mother tongue is Japanese).
  • Mentally explore more business opportunities.
  • Lose my weight, currently 77kg, to 60kg.

Books to read.

  • Machine Learning with Python – Muller …
  • Automated Boring Stuff with Python – Al Sweigart
  • The Linux Programming Interface – Michael Kerrisk
  • Computer System: A Programmer’s Perspective – Bryant O’Hallaron
  • Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces – Remzi H and Andrea C
  • Algorithms – Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne
  • Applied Linear Algebra – Peter J Olver and Chehrzad Shakiban
  • Sword Art Online – Reki Kawahara

Other stuff to do.

  • Blogging here.
  • Make and post videos on YouTuber; some long ones and bunch of short ones.
  • Stream on Twitch.